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our nougat and is a  
visual feast, crammed  
with fruit and nuts 


Presented as either elegant cake slices or as a block, the nougat is crammed with fruit, flavour and nuts and provides a visual feast as well as a confectionery experience. 
Why not use as a dinner party centre piece for your guests to enjoy with coffee, as a very special gift wrapped present for someone special, or as a personal treat for yourself. 
This nougat is pure indulgence and made to the highest quality for your enjoyment. 
Nougat flavours 
italian wild cherry ~ crammed with nuts and with a rich vein of cherry juice running through each slice which gives a superb visual effect and consistent flavour. 
Belgian nougat cake slice flavours 
exotic fruits . strawberry . pistachio . chocolate with hazelnuts . lemon . vanilla with almonds . 
All of these nougats are sold as a cake slice and are flavoured throughout the piece and crammed full of nuts, fruit pieces or chocolate flavouring depending on your choice. Each slice is topped with fruit or nuts and is wrapped in cellophane to maintain freshness and quality. 
Belgian Nougat Blocks – more delicious nougat shaped into rectangular slabs which can be cut into smaller portions. Available in two great flavours: Forest Fruits and Cappuccino. 
Pop in to the shop for a visual feast of our nougat range or call us to order in the quantity of your choice and with a selection of gift wrappings. 
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