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Memories of yesteryear  
captured in our selection  
of jarred sweets  

Nostalgia Sweets 

We know how evocative the flavours of our Nostalgia Sweet Range can be and we enjoy sharing memories with our customers and introducing a new generation to the delights of ‘Rhubarb & Custard’, ‘Sweet Tobacco’ and ‘Army & Navy’, to name but a few. 
All of our jarred sweets are on display and you are invited to pick and mix to enjoy all of your favourites. 
Nostalgia Sweets make a wonderful and unexpected present for friends and family and at Fowey Fudge we are happy to pack a beautiful ‘Emma Ball’ tin with your selection and at a price to suit you starting from £10 + P&P. Just make your choice from the list below and call us to arrange despatch. 
Why not make it a Christmas Stocking filler, Father’s/Mother’s Day gift, Wedding Anniversary surprise, special birthday gift – this present will always be popular. 
The Fowey Fudge Nostalgia Sweet Range can be ordered in quantities of your choice, gift wrapped, in a hamper or plain wrapped. 
Sweets and Chocolate Bars 
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American Hard Gums 
Aniseed Balls 
Army & Navy 
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Butterscotch Gums 
Chocolate Raisins 
Cinder Toffee 
Coconut Mushrooms 
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Pear Drops 
Pineapple Cubes 
Rhubarb & Custard 
Rosey Apples 
Sherbert Lemons 
Sports Mixture 
Sugar Mice 
Sugared Almonds 
Sweet Peanuts 
Sweet Tobacco 
Tea Cakes 
Toffee, Blue Raspberry, Strawberry, Cherry & Lemon Bonbons 
Traffic light lollies 
Turkish Delight 
Vimto lollies 
Winter Mix 
Nostalgic Liquorice Range 
Black Jacks 
Italian Liquorice sticks filled with fondant 
Liquorice Allsorts 
Liquorice Cream Rock 
Liquorice Pencils 
Liquorice Toffees 
Liquorice Wands  
(hard & soft) 
Liquorice Wheels 
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Nostalgic Chocolate Bar Range 
Raspberry Truffle Bars 
Fry’s Chocolate Peppermint 
Fry’s Chocolate Cream 
Fry’s Chocolate Orange 
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